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Commercial Winterization
Filter Table

Our Amazing All Stainless Steel Filter Table

Introducing an industry first. A scalable Botanical Oils oil winterization filter table. Capable of filtering up to hundreds of gallons per hour or as little as 5 gallons per filter per 5 minutes or less.

Filters more than the competition! Our filter table comes complete with an air purge system to evacuate your filtered product right in to your next process. Whether that is a Roto Vap, or even daisy chain them together for continued filtering. Each filter is valved independent of each other and can run all at the same time or independent of one another.

Our proprietary filter pads remove the need for a cake layer. They are imbedded with a D.E. blend and range from 5 to 25 microns. We also offer a color removal CARBON blend that has tremendous color removal properties. Botanical Oils distillate filtering Winterization Filtering.

We have spared no expense on the pump recomendations. We chose the industry leading Welch Vacuum pump. Welch provides the best built pumps for your vacuum needs. We work directly with Welch Pump to pass along the pump savings and save you the time on the selection process.

We have recommended Welch 2067b pump for Commercial Winterization Filter Table. For more information click here