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The Binder VDL 115– Explosion Proof Oven & Binder Vacuum Oven

The Only Explosion Proof Oven on the Market Today!

The only Class 1 Division 1 Explosion proof Vacuum oven on the market today. The Binder oven is German made and holds the most prestigious ATEX safety certifications in the industry. It is far superior to ANY oven on the market today. Need we say more!!

Bottom line is the Binder is the smart manufacturing choice. It may be smaller in cubic footprint but the ability to increase your processing time to 50% or more. This alone more than pays for it. This is all because of the control of the oven and the technology behind the heating surfaces as well as operation that give the Binder a superior advantage.

Also you have the ability to inject inert gasses to even further the production speeds in processing. What other oven has that capability coupled with safety and performance. YOU ASKED FOR THE BEST, HERE IT IS.


Temperature range: room temperature plus 15 °C to 200 °C All in one unit.

  • ATEX compliance chamber's interior: Ex II -/3G c IIB T3-T1 Gc X
  • Pressurized instrument panel with compressed air connection
  • APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
  • Pressure control device for heating activated < 125 mbar
  • Controller with time-segment and real-time programming
  • Flame protection gasket
  • 2 aluminum expansion racks
  • Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm
  • Inert gas connection
  • Shatterproof, spring-mounted safety glass panel
  • Computer interface: RS 422

Don’t be fooled by the other brands on the market today. They use wire racks for heating. We use an expanded solid expansion rack. This alone SPEEDS up production time by almost 50%. The Binder series is the only oven on the market today being approved by LA Fire marshals. YOUR CITY will be next. Don’t be fooled by another competitor because they are cheaper. It will cost you double or more when the city tells you no. Check the manual of ANY other competitor. it will say “NOT FOR USE WITH FLAMMABLE MATERIALS” The Binder is a stand alone C1D1 safe operating oven and can be placed anywhere. Face it, you want the best processing possible, why not have the safest, the fastest and the best built oven on the market today.


We have recommended Welch CRVpro8 pump for The Binder VDL 115– Explosion Proof Oven & Binder Vacuum Oven. For more information click here

There is so much to say about the Binder ovens. We are the only dealer offering the oven in a complete package. You can enhance your process with our recommended explosion proof welch pump and fire safe cold trap to protect the pump. In addition to the pump and cold trap, we also offer an American made heavy duty rolling stand that can hold 1 or 2 ovens. The stand is amazing and far superior to others and will provide the ease and ability to move your ovens for facility cleanliness.